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Our final video from the January 29th seminar is now available! In addition to Jim Martin and Carson Reed, you can now view Jeremie Beller present, “A Voice of Calm: Communicating Peace in Tumultuous Times,” here. Check back for updates as we release additional content!

The first issue of JCS is now available digitally for download here. As a reminder: the first issue of each volume is available free digitally. Make sure you subscribe to receive issues 2 and 3! You can enter into discussion of the articles for JCS I/1 by commenting on this blog post!

Exciting News: The Center for Christian Studies has been approved as a 501(c)3 corporation, and any donations given since June of 2021 are tax deductible! 

CCS is able to operate because of the generous support of many donors. Would you consider joining us in our mission financially as well? Click on the “Give to CCS” button above or contact us at [email protected]

Preparing for the Lord's Supper

Preparing for the Lord's Supper: Nourishing Spiritual Life through the Lord's Meal, by Allan J. McNicol. The Lord's Supper is at the heart of Christian worship and provides spiritual fuel for Christians. This timely book by Allan J. McNicol provides helpful reflections for Christians who desire to more deeply understand and experience the Lord's supper.
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